Cowen Angus Bailey grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and spent his childhood fighting bad guys as a Superhero, Jedi and a Spy, so studying Martial Arts became an obvious choice.

His high school years were spent practically living at the dojo, going there every day after school, and stay until closing.  It was through Martial Arts where he got his first taste of the Theatre, as captain of the demo team, performing skits as a ninja during karate demonstrations. He also began his directing career, as he wrote, directed and starred in the Martial Arts action epic “Arena of Death” for his sophomore year film study class final project.  It was shot on Betamax for $0.  He got an A.

He has a background in theatre, and had trained at the Boston University Theater Institute, The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and was part of the Pilot Theater In Education Pilot Program at the University of Wisconsin.  As a member of TheaterSportz in Madison, he performed in thousands of Improv shows, taught Improv workshops, and ran the High School League.

Cowen has instructed workshops in Improvisation and Team Building to individuals, schools, and major corporations, and has worked as an After School Daycare Teacher and Creative Drama Teacher.

He currently runs the Online Shakespeare company Shakspeariments, and continues to work on film and theatre projects, as well as working as one of the lead players in Improvised Spy Camps for kids, and Improvised Fantasy Camps.

He has over 40 years of Martial Arts experience:  He holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, and has trained in Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Kali, and Modern Combat Arts.

As the head Martial Artist with Carpe Diem Martial Arts, Cowen has created teaching and testing curriculums, designed and run several successful day camps and martial arts tournaments.  He has taught ongoing classes at dozens of Los Angeles based Pre-Schools and Elementary Schools, as well as Summer camps, and karate themed Birthday Parties.  His students have ranged from Preschool age to Retirement and beyond. 

He met his wife Linda doing improv in 1991, and they have been living in Los Angeles since 1996, where they continue to make each other laugh.